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Tires are the single most important safety feature on your car. They are the only thing that connects the car to the road, and life-saving technologies like antilock brakes and electronic stability control cannot do their job if the tires don’t have a good grip on the pavement.

DON’T spend too little on your tires. Cheap, poorly-designed tires can make for longer stopping distances and less control in an emergency maneuver. All tires have traction ratings (AA, A, B or C) stamped right on the tire itself — buy tires with an A or AA rating.

DON’T spend too much on your tires. As with most things, a name brand on a tire costs more. Well-known name brands do tend to provide a consistently high level of quality, but there are lesser-known tire manufacturers that produce excellent products at lower prices.

DON’T assume OEM is best. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tires are the ones fitted to your car at the factory, but buying the same type of tire as a replacement isn’t always the best choice. Manufacturers look for a tire that will provide acceptable performance in all conditions. There may be a better tire for your specific driving characteristics.

DO buy snow tires. Snow tires have a softer compound and a more aggressive tread designed to provide more traction, but most importantly, SHORTER STOPPING DISTANCES!

DO buy four tires at once. New tires generally grip the road better than tires that have some wear on them. It’s best to replace all four tires at once, but if you must replace them in pairs, put the new tires on the back (regardless of whether the car is front- or rear-wheel-drive). This will help the car retain its stability and predictability in a panic swerve. (Older tires on the rear will make the car more likely to spin out.)

ROTATE your tires every 8,000 TO 12,000 KM will ensure that they wear at the same rate, allowing you to get the most return on your investment and ensure that all four tires will be ready for replacement at the same time.

DO let a professional install your tires. Even if you have your tires mounted on separate rims or wheels let a professional install them. This will insure all lug nuts are torqued to factory specs.

DO save yourself the hassle of storing your own tires. Let’s face it, tires are big, heavy, bulky and dirty. Save yourself the hassle and let us store your tires in a climate controlled and fully insured facility for a nominal fee. They’ll be waiting at the dealership when it’s time to switch. pertains to all automotive passenger and light duty truck tires. only applies to tires. Installation and balancing is $25 per tire. Supplies and tire pressure monitors extra. refers to the invoiced price of the tire plus 1 cent per tire. Any volume discounts the Dealer may receive will not be calculated into the cost. See dealer for details.

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